Kompleksowe wyposażenie wnętrz

 “The challenge was to design a light armchair, not too high, using wood and leather. At the beginning, it was going in a different direction, but after making various models, prototypes and considering BD’s design team’s different perspectives on the matter, the result has inevitably drawn toward what is now the Gaulino chair, which was designed nearly 30 years ago. We did not envision it so, but the ergonomics and the aesthetic coherence of this piece has taken us toward a solution much like the Gaulino chair, an heiress of Gaudí and Mollino, and have decided to conserve the name.” OSCAR TUSQUETS We did not want to create an armchair starting with the Gaulino chair, but a new Gaulino to sit on in a different way, a lower seat and if possible more comfortable. One of the not so apparent virtues is that the chair by Oscar Tusquets, designed back in 1987, is that it’s surprisingly comfortable. The new Gaulino easy chair is a little more robust and lends itself to other uses rather than just accompanying a table. It fulfills its function as a little armchair but is visually very light. Additionally, it is made in solid ash wood using artisanal and industrial processes, varnished in an either natural colour or stained in black. The seat is always upholstered in leather.

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Gaulino Easy Chair